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Bringing Fast Cars and Faith Together for the Ultimate Win
Volume 3, Issue 2
Written by Matt Rose   


rCapDag racing is a huge part of what our family does. From the time my brother, sister, and I were born, there has always been a race car in our family. My dad, Chuck Rose, was a product of the muscle car era of the 50s and 60s and therefore, working on cars and racing them was part of what made him tick.

Compassion Touches the Untouchable
Volume 3, Issue 2
Written by Nick Costello   

CapIn ancient times, lepers lived in isolation secluded in a leper colony. Family and friends could not visit, the disease was too contagious. A desperate mother longing to hug her child could only hug with her eyes from a distance. They were heartbreaking to see, their only friendships cultivated among each other, a makeshift, desolate, dying family.

God's Not Dead Backstory
Volume 3, Issue 2
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   

CapWhen Pure Flix Entertainment called script writers, Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman to create the God’s Not Dead movie, it almost didn’t happen. They just didn’t feel called to do it.

Writers Cary and Chuck were called into Christian film about seven years ago by God.  The two pray on everything, and seek God’s guidance before accepting or declining any job. When Pure Flix called them up and said they wanted them do another film for them, they hesitated. Previously, they had written a script for the film company called, What If? starring Kevin Sorbo. It was an award winning, beautiful Christian film, although it did not receive the box office popularity God’s Not Dead has seen.

Guilt by Association
Volume 3, Issue 2
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   

CapKids—they’re charming by default. Sure, they have their moments when they can frustrate you beyond the brink of sanity, but then there are those times that they simply melt your heart.  They inspire love by reflex, and hold you to it; my own little nephew being no exception.

Kevin Sorbo—Keeping the Faith In Hollywood
Volume 3, Issue 2
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   


CapThat if you were faced with the challenge to prove “God’s Not Dead?” Could you do it? In fact, could you ‘prove’ His existence at all?
That is the very assignment that Professor Jeffrey Radisson (Kevin Sorbo) tasks Christian college student Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) with in the recently released movie by Pure Flix Entertainment, God’s Not Dead. If you haven’t seen it, I would encourage you to do so, in fact add it to your DVD library, (DVD released in August, 2014). Beyond being a faith inspired film for quality and wholesome family entertainment, it will also help equip us for those awkward situations when we find ourselves in a position needing to defend our own faith.  

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Miracle!
Volume 3, Issue 2
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   



octors were completely baffled.  There was no scientific explanation, no human reason for why the man that was before them could see.  Yet, it was apparent, no—undeniable—that his vision was perhaps better than 20/20!  He wore no glasses, no contacts, used no vision aids at all.  Only weeks before he had been beyond legally blind. There were no miracles of modern medicine that could have served to help him. How was this humanly possible?

The Fields Are Ripe for the Harvest with Raceway Ministries
Volume 3, Issue 2
Written by Chase Casteel   


CapAh, the NASCAR speedways.  The air is perfumed with a mixed aroma of oil, grease and hotdogs.  The growl of throaty engines and screeching power tools battle against shouts of cheers to be heard. Media is a swirling presence, their cameras trying to keep pace with the race cars that chase each other around the tracks at speeds of 200+ mph.  It is a whirlwind of organized confusion, and boy is it fun! Turning out tens of thousands of spectators per event, this is the place to be on Sunday morning!

The “Apple of Our Eye”
Volume 3, Issue 2
Written by Pastor Bill Walden   

CapOur family lived on an acre of land between two lakes in a suburb of Shoreview, north of St. Paul, MN.  The land boasted many mature trees, but the “apple of our eye” was a magnificent Beacon apple tree. It was quite old for an apple tree, but I believe it must have forgotten its age because it produced a bountiful crop of delicious fruit year after year.

Too Good To Be True? — Not With God!
Volume 3, Issue 2
Written by Deaven Butler   

CapIn today’s world we are bombarded with the news of desparate people trying to make ends meet. As the result of the economic pressures it seems like there are more people coming up with very creative schemes and ways to scam good family folks and especially senoirs out of their hard-earned fiances or retirement funds.

Twila Bridges—Full of Spunk and Spirit at 80
Volume 3, Issue 2
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   

rCapCuising down the highway, hugging the curves, music blaring from her iPod, going strong at 80 – no, not mph, 80-years-old!  

Twila Bridges, full of spunk and spirit, is an inspiration as much as she is a hoot! Whether she’s out riding her horses, making waves on her Seadoo, cruising in her Mustang convertible, or on a cross-country trip on her Spider motorcycle, she is enjoying life to an active fullest…. Oh, and did I mention she just completed her Master’s degree in Theology last year?




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