Doc Dalton — Outlaw 4 Christ
Volume 2, Issue 2
Written by Joseph Martin   

CapAdocdaltonmerica’s favorite outlaw Doc Dalton returns to the airwaves with a new radio show, and a new way of life!
Doc Dalton is a former pro wrestling manager known as the “American Outlaw.”  Fans of the independent pro wrestling federation scene probably remember him as the one dressed in the red, white and blue, ranting like a maniac, promoting the wrestlers he represented and his country. However, there was a side of Doc his fans didn’t know about, a side that Doc himself wasn’t sure about…

DocDaltonTypeFor years, he battled depression and struggled with the ability to focus or concentrate.  Doc says, “It was as if I was always in a cloud and always felt that I was looking at things from behind.  I just couldn’t catch up with anything or anyone, including myself.”

Being in the midst of a group of folks was especially difficult.  Doc would feel as if he couldn’t effectively get involved or keep up with the pace of conversations.  To escape, Doc would close his eyes and pretend to be asleep.

Meanwhile, Doc’s career took on a new avenue.  He hosted a new cable TV show, “Body Slam on Drugs,” a program geared toward the youth in an effort to help educate on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.  This show lasted a little over three years in association with a North Jersey Police Department.

The show started picking up steam and soon letters of support began pouring in from all over.  They came from governors, senators, assemblymen/women, schools, police, prosecutors, children, youth and civic groups.  Doc even received a letter wishing him good luck from former President Jimmy Carter!

Newspapers began noticing the show as well, and Doc and/or the show became a constant topic in the printed media.
Doc gave anti-drug talks in schools and also did a documentary entitled “25 Years to Life” that was shot behind the walls of a maximum security prison with the same group of inmates that were part of the Emmy Award winning documentary “Scared Straight.”

Then Doc got a huge surprise he never imagined.  An executive from a toy company approached him and said they wanted to make a toy in his likeness! “I was 100% totally blown away” says Doc.  “Within weeks a newspaper was interviewing me at the company headquarters and within 10 days of that interview I was being interviewed again on ABC News channel 7 based out of New York City.  There I was, ABC trucks in the company parking lot and reporter Art McFarland was interviewing me.  The telephone rang off the hook.  Local shows wanted me to be a guest, newspapers wanted to do stories, it was 100% insane!”

Then the unthinkable happened.  Just as fast as it came, it left.  The toy company suddenly closed because of some internal problems.  From that moment on, things just weren’t right for Doc. Even though the implausible had taken place, the television show itself was doing good and still showed incredible promise.  Still, Doc did the inconceivable — and walked away from it all.  His life was out of control and on a path to uncertainty.  Within a few short years, it had gotten so bad that Doc was hospitalized on two separate occasions for depression and suicidal tendencies.

With therapy and time, Doc began to recover.  Then he was hit with another unexpected blow — Sarcoidosis.
Sarcoidosis affects the lungs, limbs and joints, sometimes the heart and brain, and is potentially fatal.  For months, Doc struggled with the now painful task of walking, and he couldn’t drive because the disease affected his eyesight.

Doc says, “When you take all the things that have happened over the years and put them together, you say to yourself ‘enough is enough, I am tired of all this and I have two choices left.  They are: I could jump off a bridge and end it all now, or I can change my life totally around and make that life and what I do with it for the better.’  And that is what I have decided to do.”

Doc was no stranger to God.  He just had to learn to depend on Him — to trust Him.

As he has done that, a new season which is like a new start, has developed for his radio show, Outlaws 4 Christ Radio.  The show enters its third season, after stepping away following season two due to illness and personal matters.

Now comes the start of this third season of Outlaws 4 Christ Radio and “it’s a time to celebrate,” states Doc.  The old crew is back, and the fire burns like it did once before when the show was in its early stages.

This show combines fantastic music and interviews while all the time spreading the Word of the Lord.

On the music side, guests have included: Drew Davidsen, Donna Kay, Steven Coy Cook, Jimmy Bratcher, LaShaun Chaney, Lesa Hudson, Vince Martell and James Marvell.

Doc produces the show with his long time friend Len Azzarone, a retired police officer and program director at WTOE (Thru Our Eyes — Northeast Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind) Internet Radio Network.

Outlaws 4 Christ is produced in association with WTOE.  Len, whose wife is legally blind, is the station manager and Doc works as a volunteer.

“It’s cool to love the Lord, and it now becomes our job to show everyone just how cool it really is,” says Doc.

It’s been a long journey for the Outlaw, but one well worth it.  States Doc, “I am happy to be back doing the show and it's as if God let's me run a little and when I get too far away from what I should be doing, He gives me a tug and says it’s time to get back in line.”

DocandWifeDoc and his wife Paulette have been married 28 years, and have a lovely and beloved daughter, Kristina and son-in-law Javier; and please, let’s not forget the Grand Puppy Ruggie as well as a few good friends who are like family.  Best of all, though, Doc has the Lord by his side each and every day, to help him carry out the remainder of his journey in life, and to escort him to the other side when his journey is through.

“Tell me,” says Doc, “who could ask for more?” PivotPointEndingBug

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