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Jimmie Bratcher — A Miracle Meeting
Volume 2, Issue 2
Written by Jimmie Bratcher and Jessica Strong   

CapWJimmieandJessicahat can overcome abandonment?  How much love is necessary to heal decades of rejection?  What kind of power does it take to heal a lifetime of neglect and mistakes?  It takes Divine power that can only come from God’s power to save, heal, restore, and forgive.  This is a story about my family coming in contact with that kind of wild, raw power.  God unleashed Himself on my family earlier this year in a manner that changed every aspect of our lives in the most wonderful way.  It is “beyond all I could ask or think.”

Courageous — Behind the Scenes Exclusive
Volume 2, Issue 2
Written by By Sara Jo Mason   

From Sherwood Pictures, creators of the 2008 top “indie” film Fireproof, comes new movie Courageous.

CapFFireproofireproof was more than a means of entertainment.  The low budget yet number one hit movie inspired passion in marriages across the nation, heating up intimacy and helping to re-solidify vows.  Kirk Cameron played the lead role of fireman Caleb Holt whose marriage was coolly suffering.  Challenged by his father to a 40-day experiment called the “Love Dare,” he began the hardest mission of his life, saving his marriage and winning back the heart of his wife Catherine, played by Erin Bethea.

Doc Dalton — Outlaw 4 Christ
Volume 2, Issue 2
Written by Joseph Martin   

CapAdocdaltonmerica’s favorite outlaw Doc Dalton returns to the airwaves with a new radio show, and a new way of life!
Doc Dalton is a former pro wrestling manager known as the “American Outlaw.”  Fans of the independent pro wrestling federation scene probably remember him as the one dressed in the red, white and blue, ranting like a maniac, promoting the wrestlers he represented and his country.

Darlene — Violated and Tossed in a Dumpster
Volume 2, Issue 2
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   

(Editor’s note — due to the sensitive nature of this article, reader discretion is advised)

CapDcrime-scene-rapearlene awoke in a strange, dark place.  It was small, closed-in, and it stank.  She tried to move, but pain sliced through her body, and she fell back against something that felt like it shifted beneath her weight.  Her head throbbed and she fought against a dizzying haze.  As her mind slowly cleared toward focus, the awful smell assaulted her senses.  She felt about in the dark, horror dawning as she realized exactly where she was…




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