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And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature of the whole [human race]. — Mark 16:15 (Amplified Bible)

CapThe overall objective of Pivot Point Publishing is to publish the good news to every man’s world by utilizing the power of the world-wide-web as well as the printed media of books and magazines. We have endeavored to also provide you with a gathering place of global information and inspiration at your fingertips. We believe the world is a harvest field of resources — the greatest of which are the people.

Production and Publishing
CapBbookcoversefore a book can be published, it must be produced. Book production consists of writing or transcribing, editing, typesetting/page layout, and cover design — just to give a general overview. Of course, there is really no reason to even start the process unless you have something of quality to say.

Once the book is produced, it can be printed in the traditional sense or marketed as an eBook or both. Needless to say, printing can be a very sizable part of the overall budget.

“Yes, We Do Books”
Written by Deaven Butler   

CapIFirstBookCoverfirst got involved in book publishing at an entry level back in 1978. I was hired as an artist for Kenneth Hagin Ministries and my main responsibility was to layout the monthly publication and design book covers.

A New Magazine with a Seasoned Past

CapPivot Point Magazine is a gathering place of the stories of people’s lives that have experienced a significant “pivot point” from defeat to success, darkness to light, failure to victory. We are on a quest to bring the stories that will encourage and enlighten the reader to look beyond their own defeat and failures to see the possibilities of success and victory in their own lives.



“Behind Every Dark Cloud is a Silver Lining”



ur goal is to bring you that “pleasant experience”... that “good feeling”... that “bright place”... that “silver lining” in a dark cloud of creative decisions, budgets and sometimes... just plain overwhelming projects. We’re here to walk you through those projects, so that together we can enjoy the silver lining of fulfillment.




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