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Toby Keith — The Story Behind Cryin’ For Me (Wayman’s Song)
Premier Issue, 2010
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   

CapTWaymanandTobySeatedTogetheroby Keith led his guest into his home office.  He waited as she settled in the desk chair, and then positioned his laptop computer before her.  He had written and recorded a song honoring his late friend, Wayman Tisdale, and he was about to introduce it to the man’s widow, Regina, for the first time.  After a few soft words, he hit ‘play’ and left the room.

The Biggest Loser’s Danny Cahill Pays it Forward
Premier Issue, 2010
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   

CapIthebiggestlosern the hit reality TV show where The Biggest Loser is ultimately the winner, Season 8’s Danny Cahill took home the prize, but also a whole new way of life.

A year prior to landing a spot as a contestant on the show, Danny told a group of people in a support group and in his church choir that he was going to get on the show, he was going to win, and he was going to lose more weight on there than anyone ever had.  He received the customary, “That’s great,” comments laced with unspoken undertones of skepticism.

Big Al — Paid To Kill
Premier Issue, 2010
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   

CapAYoungBigAlt the sound of gunfire, Big Al ran to the front of the brigade.  His sergeant pointed to the hole where the enemy was hiding.  Big Al slipped into the hole and snatched up the enemy.

He pulled him out into the open, cut the man’s ears off, and carved his last name in his chest – “Aceves.”  “There’s another one,” he heard a fellow soldier call.  Al climbed back down into the hole carrying a .45 handed to him by his platoon sergeant, and found the second man hiding, facing the dirt.  He put the gun to the man’s back and commanded him to surrender in Vietnamese.  No response.  Big Al pulled the trigger.  The wounded man spun around and grabbed Al by his wrists.

Jamie ‘Mac’ — A Childhood Dream Come True
Premier Issue, 2010
Written by Chase Casteel   

CapT8yearoldJamieandTrophyhe morning of February 14, 2010, Jamie McMurray woke up and knelt down beside his sofa for a talk with God.  The Daytona 500 was mere hours away, the Super Bowl of NASCAR.  “I’m a huge believer in prayer,” said McMurray.  “I woke up and I got beside my couch, and I was like safety first, and I just want a top 10.”

The 33-year-old McMurray told reporters, “It’s been my dream since I was eight-years-old racing a go-kart in Joplin, MO to win the Daytona 500.”

Risky Business
Premier Issue, 2010
Written by Jimmy Broyden   

Behind the Scenes of Hollywood Stunts

CapWMeandJackieChanhoosh!  I sank into the water, plummeting ten feet to the bottom.  My body was chained to a BBQ grill, I could not move.  I took a quick breath, testing the mini-scuba tank.  It worked.  I relaxed in the water, as well as the chains would allow.

The divers reached for me, pulling me to the shallow end of the pool, when suddenly I had no air.  I couldn’t shout, the mask and the water would muffle my voice and I would only lose precious air.  I could not use hand signals because my hands were trapped by chains against the BBQ.  I had to lay limp to prevent exerting as much oxygen from my body as possible.  I did the only thing I could, calling out to God while a swirling blackness speckled with stars overtook me.

The Ride That Changed a Life
Premier Issue, 2010
Written by Laura Klock   

CapDDadLauraandMarkave was relaxing in the ride, enjoying a little hog therapy, with the summer sun dancing against the brilliant blue of his bike, the wind whipping past, and his tires massaging the mountain roads in a familiar growl — then it happened…

“I remember the collision, which happened at about 50 miles per hour,” says Dave.  “The other rider was screaming.  He had pulled right out in front of me and when he realized his mistake, it was too late.

Kristin Bumbera
Premier Issue, 2010
Written by Doug Johnson   

When Personal Beliefs Get in the Way of the Chance of a Lifetime

TeamPrayingvCapEeryone has dreams.  For a short time my dream was to drive a big rig on the open road. That dream soon ended once I realized that it was a real job and that I wouldn’t be transporting Coors and elephants on a wager with a sweet black Trans Am as an escort. Whether your dream was to be a fireman, a doctor or to find Mr./Ms. Right and have a white picket fence, we all thought we knew how life would turn out when we grew up.  For one down home Texas girl with bright blond hair, super model height and an athletic ability that rivaled most college softball players, the world was her oyster.




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