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“Flag of My Father” cover story — What a beautiful story!  I am typically not brought to tears by a magazine piece, but you have really captured the essence of this film, and the journey of those involved. Thank you so very much for including us in your work, I for one am honored and blessed.

I will definitely get the info out to other friends. God bless you for your time and your talent.

 Andrew Sensenig


I saw Toby Saturday in a meet-and-greet before the concert.  Gave him the 'famous' magazine.  He had not seen it before.  You should have been there, he kept looking it it and had teardrops in his eyes. It is a day I will never forget!
Baltimore, MD
Toby Keith Warrior &  Street Team Member


I just finished your magazine and it was wonderful! I'm trying to decide where I want to go plant it now so others will read it! Maybe my son's orthodontist office! What a great magazine! I keep telling the newspaper guys that try and sell the local news to me every day that I will not buy it because it's full of so much bad news why would I pay for that? But Pivot Point is uplifting, full of hope, and inspiring to say the least! That's worth every penny! Any how, thanks for this ministry! I'm looking forward to the coming issues!


My mother picked up your magazine and read a few stories. She said they were so good, she could not put it down. What a great testomonally! And mom is not a real reader, so yahoo for you.

North Carolina


Hey Tammy, I had never heard of Pivot Point until recently and now am a subscriber! Because we live such busy lives these days I sometimes don't take the time to sit and read as much as I'd like to. Well, from here on, I will take the time to read my Pivot Point magazine because I know I will be encouraged, inspired and entertained with what I read. Thank you Pivot Point for writing stories about real people positively impacting those around them!

Blessings, LA
Birmingham Al


Great look and good articles.  
I wish you all the best.  It should take off.

Carlsbad, CA


I just wanted to let you know that I read my magazine cover to cover as soon as I received it. I was kinda shocked to know that it was a spiritually based magazine. However I must say I enjoyed every article immensely! I loved the story about Wayman and Toby and getting to hear Wayman's families take on the song. What a beautiful story of love and friendship! I felt all of the articles were inspirational and were about people who were great examples. Personally I think this magazine should make it into every teenager in Americas hands. What a wake up call it is for so many of us who get caught up in everyday life and forget to count our blessings. Thank you! I would be interested in getting a subscription, please let me know the cost and availability.

Sincerely, HP
Tooele, UT


Just received my premier issue today!!! WHAT A POIGNANT ARTICLE about Toby and Wayman. I had goose bumps while I was reading the whole article. I'm sure I will re-read it again and again and the pictures are just perfect! I can't wait to read the rest of the magazine:):):) Blessings for continued sucess!!


I Finally was able to read the whole Pivot Point Magazine while I was away on Vacation:):). Loved the stories but “Big Al's” story really touched my Heart....Bittersweet..and one of GOD'S GRACE AND FORGIVENESS......Of course I've read Toby & Wayman's Story a zillion times.......I can't Believe it will be one year, on May 15th, that Wayman went home to live with Our Lord...."


Naperville, IL


THX so much for this premiere magazine....the stories are heartwarming and,  yes, Pivot points in peoples lives. I loved the Toby/Wayman story and congrats on a job well done. Wishing you much success, much success....

Carlsbad, CA


I just wanted to send you a note of thanks and congratulations on your premiere issue of Pivot Point magazine.  The primary reason for my interest in Pivot Point was Toby Keith’s Fan Club learned very early in your planning stages that there would be a cover story about Toby’s song “Cryin’ for Me” written after the death of his dear friend, Wayman Tisdale.  The article surpassed all our expectations.  I loved the insight Wayman’s wife, Regina, and personal assistant, Malachi Gross, provided about Wayman and Toby’s friendship and about Wayman.  He was definitely a special individual, and the fact that Toby was such a valued friend speaks volumes about him as well.

In addition to that great article, my son, who is an avid NASCAR fan, thoroughly enjoyed the story on Jamie McMurray and Kristin Bumbera, and my husband, the fitness enthusiast, appreciated the behind-the-scenes story on Danny Cahill.

The entire issue was uplifting and very different than the majority of magazines currently published.  If this premiere issue is any indication of your plan for the future, I think you’ll have a real success on your hands.

Pfafftown, NC


Awesome first issue, and the subject was heartfelt. as a Toby Keith fan club member, your magazine did him proud and portrayed a very special friendship between two men graciously. Nice job!

Niagara Falls, NY

These comments came in from our Distribution Centers that use the magazine as an outreach tool.

We have given away about 1/2 the magazines already.  Some comments were “really like the name, Pivot Point”, “testimonies inside are super, exciting”, “really.... these are free magazines?!!”, “one of the best Christian magazines I've seen in a long time”, “very well organized”, “this must be a professionally, organized magazine.”
Muscatine, IA


I found the greatest place to leave magazines.  Interstate rest stops.  I left a big stack in a magazine rack marked free last week and stopped today to check on them and they were gone.  I put out a bunch more.  You may want to suggest it to others.  I will soon run out of them.


Near Newton, IA




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