Expanding Our Tent Stakes

CapPivot Point Magazine has incorporated more departments to include educational articles that inform our readers in the practical areas of life. It is also our goal to begin to make our readers aware of resources that can be of help in their daily lives. Of course we want to continue to feature stories that will bring inspiration and encouragement. We have also endeavored to build up our website archive section with past articles.

  In our archive section, we have a very moving cover story by
       Jimmy Bratcher and his daughter Jessica Strong. Click HERE to
          check out our Jimmie Bratcher videos to get a feel for his story.

                KendricksSherwoodPictures Since the Kendricks brother’s
                  movie, “Courageous” was so
                   well received, we included
our exclusive behind the scenes interview with
Stephen Kendrick
in our archives as well. In case you missed seeing the movie, click HERE to view the movie trailer in our Video Gallery to get a feel for it.
We also have archived a feature story about Doc Dalton — The American Outlaw, a retired pro wrestler, who now is serving the Lord as an Outlaw 4 Christ.

Pivot Point Magazine now includes some new departments and columns. We are so blessed to have Angus Buchan, (from South Africa) who is mister “Faith Like Potatoes,” to FaithLikePotatoesHeaderwrite a column for us — very exciting. If you have not seen the “Faith Like Potatoes” movie then you really need to take the time to do so. Click HERE to view the movie trailer in our Video Gallery. Once you have seen the movie you will understand why we are so honored to have him contribute to this magazine.

It is our desire to print and provide “paper copies” of Pivot Point Magazine to missions, shelters, prisons, churches, and ministries to bring the GOOD NEWS to the many hurting people. H
elp us distribute issues into “your world” as outreach tools of GOOD NEWS. You may sign up HERE to be on our distribution list.




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