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e believe that advertising should be a win-win-win proposition. Obviously we win because the ad dollars allow us to produce and print and distribute more magazines. The advertiser wins, because they are getting more exposure to their products or services — potentially expanding their customer base.

Back to the Future
Written by Deaven Butler   

backtothefutureCapIthink most of us have heard of the movie, “Back to the Future.” The title has taken on a whole new dimension for me. Let me explain the significance. Sometimes we march through life and start things that we leave unfinished or don’t start things that we should or we start things that should have never been started at all.


CapDPPDistributoristribution is the life blood of our magazine. We are approaching the distribution idea with a fresh concept. We believe that churches, ministries, and community-based organizations would make tremendous “Distribution Outlets” for Pivot Point Magazine. We feel that it is a “win-win” proposition. We want to provide a quality tool to the community-minded organizations to take into their own community — their sphere of influence.


CapSponsorship for Pivot Point Magazine allows us to do more outreach, to print more magazines, to supply more churches, ministries, faith-based community organizations and charities with magazines as ministry outreach tools into their communities.

Expanding Our Tent Stakes

CapPivot Point Magazine has incorporated more departments to include educational articles that inform our readers in the practical areas of life. It is also our goal to begin to make our readers aware of resources that can be of help in their daily lives. Of course we want to continue to feature stories that will bring inspiration and encouragement. We have also endeavored to build up our website archive section with past articles.




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