CapDPPDistributoristribution is the life blood of our magazine. We are approaching the distribution idea with a fresh concept. We believe that churches, ministries, and community-based organizations would make tremendous “Distribution Outlets” for Pivot Point Magazine. We feel that it is a “win-win” proposition. We want to provide a quality tool to the community-minded organizations to take into their own community — their sphere of influence.

It is the outreach mission of this magazine to “build bridges” — to “connect” people with people, churches with the communities, strengthen existing relationships, etc.

This idea is a two-way street. We want to utilize the influence that the local churches have in their communities through the already established relationships with people in the community. We would hope that any of the local business owners that are members of a church that is applying to become a Distribution Center would be considering placing a magazine in their waiting room. We also suggest that local business owners consider running an ad to help sponsor the magazine as well as increase their customer base.

Each Church Distribution Outlet will have the responsibility to dispurse their magazines to the families in their congregation as well as use the magazine as an outreach tool of the church or organization into their community. We highly encourage and recommend that magazines be placed in the waiting rooms of local businesses (everything from hospitals to laundromats) — any business that has a waiting room with other magazines available for people to read. Use your imagination...

As a Distribution Outlet you may sell the magazines for a profit, use them as a fundraiser, or use them as an outreach tool for ministry.

Magazines are being made available for approved Distribution Outlets for just the cost of shipping and handling ($20 per 100 magazines).

If you are interested, please SIGN UP HERE. We will also send you a PDF file of the current magazine to help you make your decision if needed.




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