So... How Can Silver Lining Creative Help Me?

CapThis is where the “rubber meets the road.” This is where you evaluate whether or not we can accommodate you — meet your needs. Please understand that this overview is simply to present a small sampling of what is available through our creative services. It just isn’t feasible to try and be comprehensive with all the possibilities.

The Basic Areas of Design

• Company Identity

• Package Design

• Publications

• Promotional Pieces

• Advertisments

• Book Production and Publishing

• Website Design and Set-up

Company Identity
(Logo/Insignia, Stationery/Business Cards)

logosample1 logosample2 logosample3 logosample4 logosample5
This is where you start. No matter what other project you are working on you must have a good quality image that represents your company/organization.

Package Design (CD/DVDs, Book Covers, Misc. Products)

packagesample1 packagesample2 packagesample3 packagesample4
We believe that you should be able to “judge a book by its cover.” After all, it is the first thing that the consumer sees and it will always be what makes the “first impression”— good or bad. back to top

Publications (Newsletters/Magazines)

pubcovers1 pubcovers2 pubcovers3 pubcovers4
Yes, even in this age of the information super highway (internet) there still is a very viable place in the community for the printed newsletter and magazine. If you have the resources for content and support, a magazine is a very powerful tool to reach the marketplace. back to top

Promotional Pieces (Brochures, Flyers, Postcard mailers, etc.)

promosample1 promosample2 promosample3
Even with so much of today’s marketing efforts focused on using the internet, there is still a place for designing good quality marketing pieces to be printed and mailed or e-mailed over the internet. back to top

Advertisements (Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals)

adsample1 adsample2 adsample3
If you're going to spend the money on ad space you better budget in for some good ad design time. Good ads require quality ad text, photography, and design. back to top

Book Production and Publishing
(Cover Design, Page Layout, Editing)

bookcovers1 bookcovers2 bookcovers3 bookcovers4
Before a book can be published, it must be produced. Book production consists of writing or transcribing, editing, typesetting/page layout, and cover design — just to give a general overview. Of course, there is really no reason to even start the process unless you have something of quality to say.

Once the book is produced, it can be printed in the traditional sense or marketed as an eBook or both. Needless to say, printing can be a very sizable part of the overall budget.

Publishing the book in the purest sense of the term involves the marketing and distribution to the public. If you are self-publishing then this part of the overall process of book publishing must not be overlooked or taken lightly in the budget, because it will be the difference between your books sitting in your garage or in someone’s library.

If we determine to publish your book, then a traditional publishing agreement will be drawn up between the author and the Pivot Point Publishing Division. (Please note that the traditional publishing aspect is beyond the scope of the Silver Lining Creative graphic division.) back to top

Website Design and Set-up
In today’s society every company/organization needs to have a presence on the internet. You need to be taking advantage of the most cutting edge and economical tool available today to reach the world with your message — period!

One mistake that so many people make is having their website so overloaded with “bells and whistles” that it cannot even be viewed by the average computer or  internet connection. We designers can get so caught up in all the latest “goodies” available for web pages that we forget about the masses of people (viewers) that are still using old (slow) computers with even slower dial-up connections — they are still out there.

Our approach to web design is much more practical and down to the basics of purpose and function. That’s not to say that we can't get carried away with some of the “fun” stuff when appropriate. If you don’t have a website, we can walk you through the set-up process of:

  1. Getting a domain name. (website address) Get your name HERE
  2. Setting up a hosting package. (billed annually) Get your ECONOMY hosting HERE
    (where your site is stored and broadcast to the internet)
  3. Assist in setting up a PayPal account for e-commerce.
    (PayPal is generally the simplest and most economical)
  4. Design and Layout your web pages. (priced by the page)
  5. Create a simple or comprehensive online store.
  6. Create a customized “blog” or internet “forum/bulletin board.”

Remember we are designing your website... so you provide the content. The site is about you and your company/organization.

Click on the links below to browse samples of some of the websites we have designed:

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Comprehensive e-Commerce Store Examples

Agape and Praise Webstore

Chrysler Power and NHOA Webstore

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Institute for Biblical Leadership Webstore

Pivot Point Webstore

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