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Flag of My Father Interviews
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   

CapTAndrew2he interviews were so much fun.  GiGi Erneta quickly became a dear friend — (We’re on each other’s speed dials ;) — and Andrew Sensenig was a charm.
Both actors were real in their pureness of heart and love for Christ.  It was evident in their voices, their unbridled words, and their support for the mission of the magazine.  Pivot Point will be closely watching their careers and provide relevant updates, as I am sure we will be revisiting both for new stories in future issues.

BoDukeHowever, I have a confession:  I was totally enraptured with interviewing THE BO DUKE!  (John Schneider).  I grew up watching the ‘Dukes of Hazzard,’ and, oh yes, I had a huge crush.  The whole time I was talking to him I was secretly battling with the very fact that I was actually talking to Bo Duke!  I would get caught up in the idea, then force it from my mind, get caught up, and block it away again. 

While I’ve been gifted with a variety of celebrity interviews, (including boxing champ George Foreman and King of NASCAR Richard Petty) this one was of a new caliber for me, an old childhood crush.
GigiandJohnOf course, John Schneider has gone on to play a successful portfolio of characters throughout his career, as is evident in ‘Flag of My Father.’

Yet, to me, he will always be that good ol’ boy, blonde hunk that challenged the dirt roads of Hazzard County with his orange ’69 Charger, and my childhood fancies.

*Special thanks to GiGi for orchestrating the interview.  You rock girl!





(The script) spoke to me on the level as a patriotic person, as somebody who is appreciative of those folks who have risked or lost their lives for their country.—John Schneider 

Quote from our Exclusive Flag of My Father, interview.


“William (Devane) really made me feel like he was my father.” — GiGi Erneta
Quote from our Exclusive Flag of My Father, interview.


“(Re: working with Devane & Schneider) You work with actors that you’ve known and respected so long, then you get to spend time with them and you find out they’re even more spectacular human beings when the camera is off.” —Andrew Sensenig

Quote from our Exclusive Flag of My Father, interview.

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