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CapJust like in the Wizard of Oz movie, where you were allowed to see who and what the “Great Oz” really was once you took a peek behind the curtain, the goal of Pivot Point Magazine is to take you “behind the curtain” to bring you the “story behind the story” — to go “back stage” and get the “real story.”

Confirmed–Defying Death and Rocking Out for Christ


CapThey’d lived hard and played harder.  Music was in their blood, their souls, for them it was as natural as breathing.  Yet, now as she waited in the cold hospital waiting lounge, Donna Anast was praying that they had not yet played their last tune, had not yet taken their last breath.  As she prayed, her husband Michael flirted with death on the operating table just down the hall...

Behind the Curtain of Our Spring Cover Story



WilliamandGiGi_copy“Flag of My Father” wins best narrative feature at GI Film Festival

Faith-based feature “Flag of My Father,” now available on DVD across the country, was honored with the Best Narrative Feature at the Best of Film Awards ceremony of the just concluded GI Film Festival in Washington DC. One of the film’s stars, William Devane, was presented the Choice Award several days earlier.

To read the entire story click here.


GiGi talks about her fear of hospitals and having to face that fear during the filming of ‘Flag:’

GiGiHospital“I don’t like hospitals under any circumstances.  Rodney (the executive producer) didn’t know I had hospital issues.  We literally had to spend a whole day at the hospital shooting, and I literally stayed out in my car until it was time for me to roll camera.  A lot of times they build sets for these things, I didn’t realize I was going to be in a real hospital.  I like being in the hostage room as a POW more than being in the hospital.”


John Schneider talks about his take on faith:

JohnSchneider“All I’ll tell you is I know where I’m going and I great peace in that.  I love to garden.  One of the great joys every year is watching the bulbs I planted.  I don’t know why that puts a smile on my face, but it does.  In the midst of jumping cars, doing fistfights for movies and raising Superman, I get joy out of watching the bulbs come up every year.  Only God can do that.”


Andrew Sensenig talks about how he came into his role as Benjamin in ‘Flag:’

AndrewAndrew received the role in a package from his agent to review, and he was immediately intrigued.

“I was so drawn to the family dynamics, the faith based elements along with the veterans and armed forces.  I usually don’t directly contact a director/producer, but I felt a strong calling to reach out to (executive producer) Rodney Ray and let him know how interested I was and ask if I could get a copy of the script.  When I saw the gist of story, and the relationships, I felt drawn and wanted to be a part of it. My father died when I was young, he was 39, and I was 16, so I understand that element of loss.  I told Rodney, ‘I realize you are looking for big names, the John Schneider’s and William Devane’s, but that role of Ben, I’m just telling you, God’s telling me that I’m supposed to do that.’”


Schneider Once Lived with Johnny & June Cash

Fun Fact:  John Schneider once lived with Johnny & June Cash, and in fact was introduced to Christ through them!

CapIn recent interviews, when asked about his time with the Cash’s and how they shared their faith with him, here’s what Schneider had to say:

SchneiderandCash“I lived with Johnny Cash for a year and if somebody as rough around the edges as Johnny Cash could say that Jesus was his Saviour, then there had to be something to it. If Johnny Cash felt the need to keep a Bible in the trunk of his Mercedes next to his fishing pole, then there had to be something to it.

Flag of My Father Interviews
Written by Tammy Leigh Maxey   

CapTAndrew2he interviews were so much fun.  GiGi Erneta quickly became a dear friend — (We’re on each other’s speed dials ;) — and Andrew Sensenig was a charm.
Both actors were real in their pureness of heart and love for Christ.  It was evident in their voices, their unbridled words, and their support for the mission of the magazine.  Pivot Point will be closely watching their careers and provide relevant updates, as I am sure we will be revisiting both for new stories in future issues.





(The script) spoke to me on the level as a patriotic person, as somebody who is appreciative of those folks who have risked or lost their lives for their country.—John Schneider 

Quote from our Exclusive Flag of My Father, interview.


“William (Devane) really made me feel like he was my father.” — GiGi Erneta
Quote from our Exclusive Flag of My Father, interview.


“(Re: working with Devane & Schneider) You work with actors that you’ve known and respected so long, then you get to spend time with them and you find out they’re even more spectacular human beings when the camera is off.” —Andrew Sensenig

Quote from our Exclusive Flag of My Father, interview.

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