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Pivot Point Magazine is a gathering place of the stories of people’s lives that have experienced a significant “turning point” from defeat to success, darkness to light, failure to victory.

CapSubmit your ad placement here for standard ad space. Premium Ad Space such as the Back Cover, as well as the Inside Front and Back Cover ad space must be confirmed for availability by calling 918-347-5415. Your ad space will be billed through the PayPal payment gateway (using any major credit card) via an email invoice at time of printing, unless other arrangements have been made. These arrangements will be discussed once the ad art file has been submitted and received.

If you have any questions or comments please include those in the appropriate box when submitting this form. If you have a slow internet connection and you are going to upload a full page ad file you may want to upload the art file using If you do, have the file sent to You may also mail your Ad file on CD to: Pivot Point Magazine, 3106 N. Water St., Sapulpa, OK 74066. Please indicate in the comments box that you are sending your file through the service or through the mail. Thank You.

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